the first day of school


Today was my first day of school! It’s really different from fourth grade, but it was still great.  I have an awesome new home room and social studies teacher (the same person), my old fourth grade teacher as my science teacher, a new spanish teacher, a technology teacher, a new math teacher, and I don’t know who we have for english and geography yet. Omg!! It’s so awesome!! The only bad thing about starting school again is the end of Summer, which in my opinion, is devastating.  I really had an amazing summer, and I’m so not ready to let it go.  It’s just too awesome to only have it for three months, but that’s just the way it is.

I love school, but I think I like my friends even better. Actually, they’re the best part of school for me. Sometimes my friends can be total nut-cases, and sometimes they’re a little more serious. But the thing they all have in common is that they help me get through anything. They’ll always be there for a big exam, or if I just need a hug (I’m a hugger).  All of us depend on each other, and we’re alway’s there to catch each other’s fall. Thanks, guys.

Hold Hands And Go Right

you can never go wrong with friends


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